Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

18 Nov Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

The business scope of PCD Pharma Company in India is definitely flourishing these days. Pharma sector in India has been growing at an impressive rate, and there are many companies involved in this business. The model of PCD or Propaganda Cum Distribution is definitely quite lucrative for the investors. In the present time, you want to place your hard earned money on a safe option, and then PCD Pharma business can be an excellent option to consider.

Check Best 10 PCD Pharma Company in India

In order to make sure you go with the best options, here are the details of the top ten PCD Pharma companies in India that you can consider for your business.

#1 Angiolife Healthcare

This Pharma Company is based in Chandigarh, and is one of the most progressive names in this business. Known for making high quality drugs, this company has always been one of the prime choices for PCD business model.

#2 Sun Pharma

Located in Goregaon, which is in Mumbai, this Pharma Company has earned quite an impressive reputation with its high quality products. The range of drugs produced by Sun Pharma is also quite vast.

#3 Fossil Remedies

It is one of the leading producers of a wide array of pharmaceutical products, such as anti-malarial, anti-acidic, soap, anti-bacterial, etc. The production unit of this company is quite an advanced one.

#4 Tesni Pharma

The reputation of this PCD Pharma Company is known to everyone. The options provided by this company are pretty well researched and among the best ones. You can surely rely on this company.

#5 Ambit PCD Pharma

After Tensi, this is the next best alternative for PCD Pharma business. From Ambit, you can expect to get the franchise of all the top brands in the business of Pharma.

#6 Mankind Pharma

This is perhaps one of the most popular Pharma companies in India, and certainly one of the fastest growing as well. From acne creams to anti biotic, this company provides almost everything.

#7 Progressive Life Care

This PCD Pharma Company has its base located in Ahmedabad, and it renders its services to all over the country. You can certainly rely on the quality of Pharma products it offers.

#8 Ambit Bio Medix

Another PCD Pharma Company based in Gujarat, Ambit has emerged as one of the best franchise based Pharma companies in India.

#9 PCD Pharma India

This one is also located in Gujarat, and within a short period of time it has become one of the significant names in the world of PCD Pharma business.

#10 Vibcare Pharma

The range of Pharma products offered by this PCD Pharma Company will surely impress you to the core. This company is highly professional as well dedicated to its clients.

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