Marketing & Promotional Support For Pharma Franchise

Promotional Support For Pharma Franchise

Marketing being the most crucial part of any business, we put a lot of emphasis in ensuring that our clients get all sorts of marketing support for the PCD Pharma business. In the Pharma sector, there are numbers of ways available for promotional purposes, and we provide almost all of them. At Tesni Pharma, we have experts who know how to market a Pharma brand and its products in the best way possible. When you do business with our PCD Pharma Company in India, we take care of all your business marketing needs.


What Pharma Marketing Tools We Provide?


Product glossary:


This is certainly the most crucial marketing kit for an MR (Medical Representative). A well designed and easy to carry product glossary is highly needed in showing the products to retailers and even doctors. So, being one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India, we always provide product glossary to our clients.


Catch cover:


We understand it quite well that the design and look of catch covers play a major role in determining the quality of drugs manufactured by the Pharma company. So, with the use of standard look catch covers, your business will surely grow in a better way.


MR Bag:


Bags for the medical representatives are very useful from various aspects, and they also make the MRs look more professional. This is the reason why we always offer high quality MR bags to our clients, so that they can continue the promotion by carrying the medicines without any hassles.


Product glossary:


Keeping the doctors updated with the latest range of Pharma products is useful in growing the market of your business. So, we always ensure to provide good numbers of product glossary from the Pharma Company you have franchised.


Visual aids:


Visual marketing always leave a long lasting impression on the mind of your customers, be it retailers or doctors. From our PCD based franchises companies you will get properly designs and good quality visual aids.


Prescription pads:


We all know how important the prescription pads can be for marketing purposes. With the help of Tesni Pharma prescription pads you will be able to market the products among the doctors in a much effective way.


Visiting cards:


Beautifully designed and highly professional looking visiting cards will always remain one of the most important marketing tools. Even in the Pharma sector, the use of visiting cards is considered very important. For this reason, we empower our clients with high standard visiting cards.


Order book:


When taking orders from retailers or medical stores, it certainly feels better to make use of order book. Your medical representative will surely feel more comfortable when jotting down the orders from the medical stores. This will also keep an account of the daily business.


Check Infographic of Marketing Suppor in Pharma Franchise

Apart from them, there are many more items Tesni Pharma offers in the form of gifts. We know that in this business gifts are quite useful, particularly when it comes to keeping the doctors happy. To know more, Contact Us please call us at +91-9825-965-521.