Promotional Inputs

Visual aids that not only serve our purpose in a better way but also make your marketing strategies smarter and simpler to a greater extent.We also provide literature for our products

Visiting Cards are important and which help in increasing your change and also good for brand promotion

A marketing strategy can hardly be effective unless is it is backed with an effective set of marketing materials and tools.

We provide product banner in stickers form which easy to stick and which help us in increasing promotion

We product time to time gifts to our distributor which they can distribute to there doctors

100% Quality Assurance of the Product
More than 30 Years of experience in PCD Pharma Franchise providing, the most affordable rates, quality assurance, new approach, transparent business manner, sufficient reputation in the industry, and helping hands to start someone’s business.

Welcome to Tesni Pharmaceutical

In India, there are tons of options available in the arena of Pharma Franchise companies. There is no dearth of Pharma brands and the numbers of manufacturers of drugs are increasing day by day. Without any doubt, there lies a huge potential in the Pharma sector of India, and in order to in-cash the potential, it is essential to come up with an effective platform that can prove equally beneficial for the Pharma companies and smaller businesses promoting and selling the products of such companies. This has turned out to be possible with the inclusion of a PCD Pharma business model.


Understanding our Pharma Franchise Business


PCD or Propaganda Cum Distribution is a business model where individuals or small agencies can become the sole distributor of the products produced by the company. At Tesni Pharma, we provide the option of choosing from the list of best Pharma companies in India, and you can certainly depend on us for the investments that you make on this arena. Our PCD Pharma Company in India can provide your investment the much needed guidance, which in turn will provide you excellent return on investments.

For more than 10 years, our experts have been dealing with this sector, and hence they know which Pharma companies have the potential. We know which Pharma companies to choose for our PCD based franchise companies list, so that you can reap the benefits of the growing Pharma sector in this country. We have always paid importance to the selection of companies and brands because we don’t want you to feel any kind of hassle when it comes to promoting and selling a Pharma company’s products in the market. The brands we choose carry a powerful image and good reputation in the Pharma world and this makes things easier for our clients.


We not only provide our PCD Pharma services in Gujarat, but other Indian states as well. At present, we are active in Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, and even in Baddi. The opportunities in this sector are simply unlimited, and if you are looking for a safe way to invest your money, our Pharma franchise company in India can really provide you the right kind of start. We always work for the long term benefit of our clients, and if you need any kind of assistance during or after the agreement, we are always there to help you out.


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